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Shamanic Counseling is not shamanic healing, per se, but instead consists of a series of sessions in which the client learns to become his or her own shaman for purposes of receiving guidance or solving personal problems. In this process, the client learning to shamanic journey has the opportunity to come to know and develop a working relationship with his or her own helping spirits. Through this interaction with the helping spirits, clients overcome inhibitory fears, grow their self-confidence and acquire heartfelt wisdom. The client commonly experiences a sense of empowerment and a new-found joy in life.

The trained shamanic counselor instructs the client in reaching the spirit realms; lends shamanic expertise by identifying classic shamanic experiences to let the client know he or she is on the path and that this path has been traveled by others before; and intends in all interactions with the client to support the client in becoming empowered to make these journeys and work with the helping spirits independently. The shaman/counselor is a counselor of method only — the actual “counseling” is done by the client’s helping spirits.

Some clients find that the work they do with their helping spirits is all the help they need on their healing path; others find that, for them, shamanic counseling and conventional therapy work well hand in hand.

Typically, the goal of the client acquiring sufficient skills to journey independently is accomplished in about ten shamanic counseling sessions.

Practitioners Paula Denham and Seamus Ann Malone of the Sacramento Shamanic Center are skilled and experienced in shamanic counseling and offer this service to those requesting it.

Paula Denham received certification in Harner Method Shamanic Counseling in 1995 from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.