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For those ready to take a life-altering step on the path to healing

There are many people today suffering from chronic illnesses, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other persistent and prolonged ailments, both physical and emotional. For most of these people a single or even several shamanic healing sessions may not provide lasting relief. In the traditional shamanic culture, the family, the village, the relationships with the environment all support the process of healing set in motion by the shaman and the Spirits with whom the shaman works. In our modern society, people leave their healing sessions and return to the same living and work conditions that fostered their illnesses. They don’t know how to participate in their own healing process.

As a participant in the Six-Month Self-Healing Circle you will learn to be “a shaman for yourself” and to work with your personal Helping Spirits to address your specific healing needs. This is a series of twenty-six weekly “self-healing” sessions, with Spirit-prescribed journeys (interactions with the Spirits) and activities designed to serve people suffering with chronic disease — physical or emotional. It provides the venue, the time, the support and the guidance to bring about the changes in life-style and deeply rooted belief systems that will help you sustain and continue your own healing process. It is the result of a collaborative effort with the Spirits to adapt shamanic practices to help people with modern afflictions and modern circumstances.

In past Circles, people who were suffering with various chronic diseases have shown dramatic improvement in both their physical and emotional states. Some of the conditions addressed have been fibromyalgia, primary biliary (non-alcoholic) cirrhosis, chronic fatigue, polymyositis/dermatomyositis, Paget-Schroeder’s syndrome, chronic accidents (broken limbs, broken ribs, sprains, strains, bruises — by the time she came, this woman was afraid to do anything physical), chronic deprivation, persistent victimhood, debilitating resentment, persistent “disconnection”/lack of passion for life, and chronic depression and self-loathing.

Each Circle is limited to four or five participants. Each Circle lasts about two hours. A six-month commitment is required. New Circles begin as participants come forward.

For more information, please contact a practitioner from those trained and experienced in leading a Six-Month Self-Healing Circle, listed below.

Paula Denham  •  Seamus Ann Malone  •  Kathy Ries