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Coming to Forgiveness of Self and Others

For many, one of the most difficult afflictions to resolve in their self-healing is that of holding regret and resentment. We live in a culture fraught with faultfinding and punishment, underlain with a considerable lack of healthy parental training, support or wisdom. This is a combination that results in deep childhood wounds that sit quietly (or not so quietly) beneath the surface of our lives, often leading us to further wounding, blaming and/or self-recrimination. If we are fortunate, we may come at some point to realize that we are recreating these situations, re-experiencing their pain, the noise and hurt of them getting louder and sharper, to get our own attention long enough to heal ourselves –- to forgive.

This two-day (weekend) Forgiveness Circle invites attendees with shamanic journey experience,* accompanied by their Helping Spirits, to step out on the bridge that leads from the storms and shadows of their resentments, victimhood, self-blame and regrets to the bright light of their freedom and their wholeness.

Through shamanic journey and Spirit-led ritual, participants will

  • Learn the value and purpose of forgiveness
  • Surrender their painful stories
  • See the pattern of their resentments and regrets, and find the thread of belief that holds this pattern together
  • See their betrayers and themselves as they truly are
  • Remove any obstacles that may be keeping them from true forgiveness
  • Relearn their innocence
  • Get a new perspective of their life, a “new history”
  • Revisit the time and place before any forgiveness was necessary.

Participants will be called to voice their intention to those they wish to forgive:

I have come here today to release you,

to release us both from our past

and to move forward in forgiveness.

This is what my heart desires,

what my soul requires.

I am committed to this sacred cleansing.

Participants who have completed this Circle say they feel lighter and freer, having stepped away from the weight of their regrets and resentments, and having come to forgiveness for themselves and for others. This is a very healing Circle.

“Coming to Forgiveness of Self and Others” is offered periodically as a weekend Healing Circle led by Paula Denham, as people in need of forgiveness healing come forward. Those interested can contact her to see if this Healing Circle is planned for the near future, or to add your name to a list of those who wish to participate the next time it is presented.

*Those who have not learned to shamanic journey and wish to join a “Coming to Forgiveness of Self and Others” Circle: Please see “Beginning Journey Skills” in Teaching Circles , or contact one of the Sacramento Shamanic Center Practitioners to inquire about learning these skills